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Your Event Venue Can Benefit from Artificial Grass in a Number of Ways

Your Event Venue Can Benefit from Artificial Grass in a Number of Ways

As the owner or manager of an event venue, you know that every little detail can make a big difference in whether you are fully booked or have plenty of availability. You need all the competitive edge you can have and you also need to keep your costs low. The perfect juncture of these two needs is artificial turf.

Who else can guarantee a green, gorgeous lawn?

In Southern California we may have better weather than most of the country but our famous droughts can easily result in brown, patchy, or scratchy grass. If you have a beautiful wedding booked and find that the grass is less than lush on the big day, how do you think those clients will feel?

Some event planners combat this issue by spending thousands of dollars every year to keep their lawns green and gorgeous. They spend money watering it, fertilizing it, and perfectly cultivating it. Other, wiser event planners combat this issue by installing a high-quality, pet-friendly artificial grass that looks good every day of the year with virtually no ongoing maintenance.

Dry grass is not the only issue to worry about with natural grass

While most event owners think of ways to avoid having dried, crackly, or brown grass, there are other serious issues. For example, mug infestations. Do you want special guests to be dealing with creepy crawlies? We think not.

Create a competitive advantage with extra amenities

The best competitive edge to have is to be able to provide a consistent, first-rate experience of your clients and their guests. When every detail matters, you can let them know that your lawn does not come with a risk of guests getting grass stains. It does not come with the risk of a muddy ground that can’t be walked on. Guests can stroll through the grass, sit down and have a picnic, and otherwise enjoy the grass without worry of wetness or other issues.

Keep your venue safer from fires

It is hard to travel anywhere within the state and not run into a fire. The truth is that one of the first things fire safety experts will suggest to homeowners is to choose a groundcover that is fire resistant as this can significantly reduce the chances of a fire spreading to a structure on the grounds. In the event that fire does come, artificial grass can be replaced much more quickly than natural grass can.

Reduce your turn around time

One of the best things about artificial grass is that cleaning it off is as simple as hosing it down. You don’t have to take special steps to get it looking green and beautiful – which reduces the turnaround time required between events. If you are ready to learn more about this option and to get a free quote, then contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873.

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