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Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

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Artificial grass is perfect for your four-legged friends

Pets need mental and physical exercise, and outdoor play is an excellent way for them to get it. With artificial grass, you can provide your four-legged friends with a fun place to play and never worry about the issues you would see with real grass.

  • No muddy paws
  • No digging
  • No bare spots
  • No dead spots or yellow spots
  • No uneven grass growth
  • No grass eating

Components of a Pet Friendly Artificial Turf System

Pet friendly artificial turf systems are carefully designed to be strong, sanitary, and beautiful, so both you and your pet will love them. The most important components of the system are:

Base Material: Artificial grass needs to be installed over a foundation of compacted base material such as crushed rock. This provides a stable surface for the turf, as well as excellent drainage to help wash away liquid pet waste.

Artificial Grass: At All Season Turf, we recommend TigerTurf brand artificial grass for your pet areas. TigerTurf is one of the strongest products on the market today, so you won’t have to worry about your pets scratching the blades loose from the backing. When properly installed by an expert like All Season Turf, the artificial grass layer will stay neatly in place no matter how hard your pets play on it. TigerTurf is also impervious to staining from pet waste.

Infill: Infill’s purpose is to weigh down the artificial turf and keep the individual blades standing tall. The best type of infill to use for pets is Durafill. This acrylic-coated sand is anti-microbial, so it won’t harbor odors or bacteria from pet waste. It also absorbs less solar energy than other infills, which helps provide a cooler surface for your pet’s paws.

Cleaning Up After Your Pet

It’s really easy to clean your artificial grass after your pet does their business. First, find any solid waste and remove it. You can then spot treat the area with a special enzyme cleaner or with plain vinegar. Next, rinse the grass to flush away liquid waste. That’s it!

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