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How to Lay Artificial Grass

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All Season Turf has the skills and experience required to lay artificial grass perfectly every time.

You can buy the best artificial grass on the market, but without professional installation, it simply will not look right. Fortunately, you can trust All Season Turf to lay your artificial grass correctly the first time so it looks truly beautiful and natural. We’ll even give you a 3-year guarantee on our work.

Tips and Tricks for Laying Artificial Grass

  • Don’t Cut Corners on the Prep Work: Before we start laying artificial grass, we make sure the area has been properly graded and prepped with sufficient base material to provide drainage and stability.
  • Start with a Straight Edge: Starting with a straight edge or a corner helps minimize the amount of cutting and fitting that needs to be done.
  • Always Overcut: When we reach the edge of the turf, we cut it about 1 inch larger than needed to allow room for tucking.
  • Cut S-Shaped Seams: With straight seams, the pieces of turf have a tendency to push against each other, which can create the illusion of discoloration and/or ripples in the lawn. S-shaped seams with not cause these problems. The seams can then be secured with tape or U-nails, depending on the intended use of the turf.
  • Drive Nails Carefully: Nails should be used every six inches along the edges of the turf and as needed in the center to prevent movement. When driving nails, we are careful to separate the blades to make sure they do not get trapped under the nail heads. Instead, the blades will go over the nails to hide them. We avoid driving the nails too deep as this could create dimples on the surface of the lawn.
  • Tuck the Edges: We use a wonder bar tool to tuck the edge of the turf down against the edge of your path, driveway, or other edging border. This hides the cut edge and gives the grass a plush look.
  • Finish with Infill and Brushing: Artificial turf needs to be topped with infill to help keep it in place and hold the blades upright and separate. We use a power brush to get the infill down deep into the turf without flattening the blades. We also always do a final run with the power brush to clean up any debris.

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