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Your Artificial Lawn is the Perfect Spot for a Yard Sale: Learn How to Set It Up

Your Artificial Lawn is the Perfect Spot for a Yard Sale: Learn How to Set It Up

If you’re ready to get rid of some of the clutter in your home then a yard sale can be a great option. If you have an artificial lawn, then you can attract even more potential buyers. After all, the more appealing your setup is, the more people will stop by. People love to look at artificial grass and this can bring them to your goods as well.

Read on for other tips to help you set up your perfect yard sale. If you have not yet had artificial grass installed, contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 to find out why it’s the best solution to the woes of natural residential grass.

Make sure your signage is easy to see

The most important step to get started is ensuring that everyone can see that your yard sale is going on. Put up signs that clearly indicate your address and the date and time of the sale. At the end of your street, add balloons to the sign. Add more balloons to your mailbox so that potential buyers can see where to go from across the road.

Stay tidy and organized

If your goods are cluttered, shoppers will not only have a harder time seeing what is available but they will associate it with dirt – and if they think your goods are dirty then you are not going to get top dollar. Make sure you that your goods are clean and the space in which you are showing them is both tidy and well organized.

Plan your display in advance

It’s a common problem that a person grabs a few tables and sets up the morning of their sale, only to realize that they don’t have nearly enough tables for everything they’re selling. They are then left with two options. They can either not sell some of their goods or they can stack goods on top of other goods. Neither option is likely to lead to the best income for the day.

Keep your checkout table at the front

If you place your checkout table at the back of the sale, you will have a few issues. First, you can’t greet people as they come to your sale. Second, you can’t be at the departure are to ensure that no one accidently walks off with goods without paying for them.

Have outlets available to test electronics

If you are planning to sell any electronics, then it’s wise to have an electric outlet available if possible. It may be an outlet on the outside of your home, or it may be an outlet in your garage. The key is to let buyers test out any electronics you are buying before they pay.

These are some tips to help you make extra money at your next yard sale but remember the key takeaway: An artificial lawn is a great way to get folks to your sale.

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