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Yes, Artificial Grass is Strong Enough to Stand Up to Harsh Use

Yes, Artificial Grass is Strong Enough to Stand Up to Harsh Use

There are many reasons to love artificial grass – including the fact that it looks great every day of the year, regardless of how much or how little rain a home or business gets. However, there are people who are still concerned that artificial grass isn’t strong enough to stand up to certain types of use.

At All Season Turf we are here to tell you that artificial grass can be used in many different harsh environments. Keep reading to learn more about them. If you are interested in having artificial grass installed, please contact us at (866) 365-8873 to learn more or to request a free consultation.

Artificial Grass is Strong Enough to Be Used for Professional Sports

It is interesting to note that many different types of professional sports teams, from football to soccer to baseball, have switched to artificial sports surfaces not in spite of how strong and durable it is, but because of its strength and durability. Yes, professional sports teams want their fields to look great but the main priority is a field that can stand up to rigorous athletic activity.

Artificial Grass is Strong Enough to Be Used by Kids

Not only can your kids play on our artificial grass without damaging it, but the entire neighborhood could. In fact, artificial grass is being used at schools and nurseries because it is safer, cleaner, and more eco-friendly. Parents love that their kids can play outside without worry of clothing stained with mud or grass.

Artificial Grass is Strong Enough to Be Used by Your Pet

One of the biggest misconceptions is that artificial grass would not be a good option for a home with pets. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that even the largest dog could run, play, and do their business on artificial grass day after day without ever damaging it. When the grass gets dirty, just wash it down with a hose – it’s that simple. What’s more, the products from All Season Turf are dig proof, which means that you don’t have to worry about your dog digging it up.

Artificial Grass is Strong Enough to Handle Any Climate

One of the reasons that natural grass is no longer the best option for most people is because of the upkeep it requires. From watering it when it doesn’t get enough rain, to ensuring that it does not become water logged and prone to erosion when there is too much water, it seems like a constant balancing act. Artificial grass works great no matter how much or little rain there is.

Do you have additional questions about artificial grass and whether or not it would work well for the application you have in mind? Then contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 now for a free quote and to get answers to your toughest questions.

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