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Top Holiday Gifts for Golfers Who Play on Artificial Grass

Top Holiday Gifts for Golfers Who Play on Artificial Grass

If you have a golf lover you’re shopping for this holiday season then you will be happy you found All Season Turf. If they don’t already have their own putting green installed at their home, then you have your gift idea. If they do, then there are additional things they could have that would improve their home putting green even more.

Give Them a Place for Their Drinks and Snacks

What goes better with a day of putting than a cold drink and a crunchy snack? Not much! This is why we recommend a bench that includes a side table that can hold beverages and snacks. You could also pick up a new cooler, snack holders, or anything else that would help them more easily enjoy snacks and drinks when playing. In fact, you could even pick them up some snacks and drinks.

Ball Washer or Shoe Cleaner

These are true luxuries that can help a person feel as though their home putting green is up to the quality of a professional course. When you add a ball washer and/or a shoe cleaner, it will make it feel more legitimate. Of course, if the person in question has used artificial grass for their putting green, their shoes and balls won’t be getting dirty – but this touch of realism can make all the difference.

Create a Custom Flag for Their Golf Hole

You can order golf flags with fun, catchy sayings on them, images they love, or even a flag with their favorite sports team. In fact, you could choose a golf flag with a custom photo on it. Whether you want to create a flag for fun or for folly, this can be a fun option for the avid home golfer.

Golfing Supplies

Of course, any gifts that would be good for any golfer would be great for the backyard golfer. This could include supplies like a fun set of golf club covers or personalized golf balls. You could even grab a bunch of three-packs of seasonal golf balls with Happy Holidays on them and hand them out to other friends and relatives who golf – whether they golf at home or at the range.

A Trip to the Links

While backyard putting is a lot of fun and can become quite competitive, it is all preparing the golfer for a course of 18-holes. Why not get them a gift card so that they and one to three of their golfing buddies can show off their new skills?

Call Now to Find Out How You Can Have a Backyard Putting Green Installed

Of course, if you have a golf lover in the family who does not yet have a beautiful putting green installed in their backyard then this can be the perfect gift. Call All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 to learn how we can get you started right away.

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