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Tired of Dealing with Insects in Your Lawn? Check Out These Tips to Treat the Problem Naturally

Tired of Dealing with Insects in Your Lawn? Check Out These Tips to Treat the Problem Naturally

One of the worst things about having beautiful landscaping is the insects and pests that can make quick work of your beautiful lawn. Insects can turn the grass yellow or brown, or, in the worst-case scenario, they can kill it altogether. At All Season Turf we have several tips that can help you rid yourself of these pests in a safe, natural way.

Start by Identifying the Bugs You Are Dealing With

First and foremost, determine specifically which insects are causing the issues. Some of the more common bugs include grubs, chinch bugs, caterpillars, leafhoppers, lawn gnats, and billibugs (sometimes known as sowbugs). The best way to figure out what bugs they are is to look up common culprits in your neighborhood and see which ones match your critters.

There Are a Number of Natural Remedies on the Market

If you got to your local home improvement store or garden center, you will find many insecticides that are created with natural products. The bad news is that they are not likely to just target the pests – they can target other bugs you do need. You can try bacillus thuringiensis if the issue is gnats, flies and mosquitoes as it kills their larvae but is otherwise safe.

The natural remedies you can try from your own kitchen include sprinkling garlic powder on your grass, or spraying it with a mix of pureed garlic, onions, and cayenne. Others swear by a combination of baby shampoo and water sprayed on grass.

Add Beneficial Bugs to the Mix

If you do not want to kill bugs for no reason, then you can encourage beneficial bugs that can take care of your bests while continuing the circle of life. For example, you can plant things that attract green lacewings, ladybugs, and praying mantis, all of which eat the bugs you do not like.

The Simplest Solution Fixes Many Other Lawn Problems at the Same Time

Of course, there is an entirely safe option that will get rid of those bugs, reduce your watering time to zero minutes per month, and is great for people, pets, and more: Artificial grass. Bugs do not like to munch on the plastic fabric artificial grass is made of so you can say goodbye to them on your lawn for good.

At All Season Turf we offer a wide range of options in artificial grass, from pet runs to putting greens, and full lawns and stadiums made from artificial grass. Our products and work are always guaranteed and we look forward to working with you. Just call us at (866) 365-8873 and we can get started right away.

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