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This is How You Clean the Artificial Grass on Your California Playground

This is How You Clean the Artificial Grass on Your California Playground

After you have chosen artificial turf for your playground, you are probably wondering how to maintain it and keep it sanitized and secure. At the time of installation, we will go through everything and address all of your questions; alternatively, you can get assistance by calling All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873. To help you out, we’ve included the fundamental stages below.

A hose may be used to clean up most messes

The fantastic thing about fake grass is that it is hose-cleanable. Take out your standard garden hose, and spritz the grass. Dirt and debris will have been washed away. Our grass has a drainage system that will remove the water almost immediately. Most of the time, even if your lawn is used by pets, this is all that is necessary to maintain it clean.

Household cleaners are acceptable

You can use a general cleaner or a cleaner designed especially for artificial lawns if the mess is really enormous or the water doesn’t completely remove it. Make sure to clean any particularly unclean areas with a gentle scrub brush.

Sweep the lawn

It might sound strange, but you are not obligated to accept the fact that some portions of your lawn no longer have as high of a grass stand as others. Get a push broom with wire bristles instead. Run it over the areas where the grass is down for a few minutes, and it will quickly come back up.

Pesticides are not necessary for artificial grass

The fact that their children may play fully safely on artificial turf because there are no pesticides present is only one of the numerous benefits that our clients love. This turf does not require the possibly harmful materials that you would need for natural grass, in addition to not requiring strong, excessive cleaners. Artificial grass is the best option if you want your children to play on clean, secure grass.

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