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Putting Greens in Sun City CA

Trust All Season Turf for professional quality artificial grass putting greens in Sun City CA

A putting green is of course a crucial component of a golf course. But it can also be very desirable in other settings where people might want to practice their short game, such as at a hotel, business center, or private home. For a quality putting green for any application, trust All Season Turf. After over 15 years of experience in the artificial grass business, we know what works for putting greens in Sun City CA.

Why Choose Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Sun City CA

Artificial grass is in many ways the most practical choice for putting greens in Sun City CA. It will deliver:

Low Maintenance: A real grass putting green requires almost constant attention. You have to make sure it gets enough water to stay green, but not so much it gets soggy. And of course you have to mow and apply various treatments to repel pests and weeds. Artificial grass doesn’t need this attention, so you can spend less time maintaining your putting greens in Sun City CA and more time enjoying them. You will just have to rinse the grass periodically to remove dust and dirt and brush it to keep the blades standing up in the right direction.

Realistic Performance: When you choose a product that has been specifically designed for putting greens in Sun City CA, you can expect the surface to perform just like real grass. Your ball will roll true with the same responsiveness you’d see on a PGA level course.

Enduring Beauty: Whereas real grass could develop brown spots or bare spots, artificial grass stays lush and green no matter what the weather or the season. The texture and color of the blades will stay true over time thanks to durable construction and UV inhibitors in every blade.

Trust the Perfectionists at All Season Turf for Your Putting Green Installation

Laying artificial turf for a putting green requires a specialized skill set. With the perfectionists from All Season Turf on the job, you can rest assured your putting greens in Sun City CA will be installed right the first time, with no risk of errors that could interfere with your game. For example, we always use plenty of nails to secure the turf, and we make sure the nails never pin down the blades. This makes the nails invisible and gives you a smooth surface for play. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the quality of the grass, we offer our own 3-year guarantee on the quality of the installation.

Start Planning the Putting Green of Your Dreams Today

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Questions? Call us anytime at (866) 365-8873(866) 365-8873

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