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Putting Greens in Imperial Beach CA

Trust All Season Turf for professional quality artificial grass putting greens in Imperial Beach CA

Putting greens have all kinds of uses, from driving ranges to mini golf to home practice areas and of course the green around the hole at a professional golf course. No matter what type of green you are interested in, All Season Turf can help. We have over 15 years of experience installing artificial turf for putting greens in Imperial Beach CA.

Why Choose Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Imperial Beach CA

The main advantages of artificial grass putting greens in Imperial Beach CA include:

Low Maintenance: A real grass putting green requires almost constant attention. You have to make sure it gets enough water to stay green, but not so much it gets soggy. And of course you have to mow and apply various treatments to repel pests and weeds. Artificial putting greens in Imperial Beach CA, on the other hand, will be just as perfect as the day they were installed with virtually no maintenance on your part. Simply rinse the turf with plain water to keep it clean and brush it occasionally to help keep the blades standing tall.

Realistic Performance: We use artificial grass that has been specifically designed for putting greens in Imperial Beach CA. This grass features tightly fitted blades for high green speeds and allows your ball to roll true and react at PGA level.

Enduring Beauty: An artificial grass putting green will look lush, healthy, and beautiful all year round, with no risk of developing brown spots or bald spots. The texture and color of the blades will stay true over time thanks to durable construction and UV inhibitors in every blade.

Trust the Perfectionists at All Season Turf for Your Putting Green Installation

When it comes to installing artificial grass for a putting green, it’s crucial to choose an experienced contractor. At All Season Turf, we specialize in putting greens in Imperial Beach CA. We know how to avoid all the common installation errors that could interfere with the performance of your putting green. For example, we will be sure to cut the turf correctly to account for undulations in your putting green, and then secure the turf tightly so it stays in place no matter how much you walk on it. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the quality of the grass, we offer our own 3-year guarantee on the quality of the installation.

Start Planning the Putting Green of Your Dreams Today

If you’re interested in adding a putting green to your property, please contact us at dial (866) 365-8873 or using our online form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide a free estimate.

Questions? Call us anytime at (866) 365-8873(866) 365-8873

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