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Artificial Grass in Encinitas CA

For a perfect green lawn all year round, choose artificial grass in Encinitas CA

A beautiful lawn is vital for the curb appeal of any home or business property. However, it takes a ton of work to keep real grass green, and there’s no guarantee your efforts won’t be spoiled by pests, disease, weather, or other factors outside your control.

There is a better solution: artificial grass in Encinitas CA

From residential lawns to playgrounds to athletic fields,artificial grass in Encinitas CA is going to perform better than real grass in just about any application, because:

  • It’s Always Beautiful: When you choose the right product, artificial grass in Encinitas CA will mimic the look and feel of real grass exceptionally well. With UV protection build right into the blades, your artificial grass won’t fade, and of course it can’t wilt, wither, or die either.
  • It’s Low-Maintenance: Artificial grass in Encinitas CA will free you from the need for costly and time-intensive maintenance like mowing, watering, weeding, and feeding. Simply rinse the turf to remove dirt and brush it to keep the blades standing tall.
  • It’s Eco-Friendly: From both a conservation perspective and an anti-pollution perspective, artificial grass in Encinitas CA is a smart choice. Since there is no watering, you’ll save thousands of gallons of water. Since there’s no mowing, you won’t be putting greenhouse gases into the air, and since there’s no weeding or feeding, you won’t be using potentially hazardous chemicals. The blades, backing, and infill used in the artificial turf are all non-toxic so you can let kids and pets play on it without concern.
  • It Lasts: With proper installation and care, a quality artificial turf system can last for 15 years or more, even if you use it on a daily basis.

Why Choose All Season Turf

When you get artificial grass in Encinitas CA, obviously you need to choose a beautiful product. But that’s not the only choice you need to make. You also need superior quality installation to ensure the turf gets laid down correctly with no awkward bumps or seams.

At All Season Turf, we offer the best products and the best installation. We offer a selection of some of the finest products from Synthetic Grass Warehouse and TigerTurf, and we can help you choose the product that will meet your needs in terms of the performance and appearance of your grass. And after 15+ years installing artificial grass, we know the right way to complete every step of the installation process, from the initial site prep to securing the turf to the final groom. We’re so confident you’ll love our work that we offer a 3-year guarantee on all installations.

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