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Say Goodbye to Wasting Time, Gas, and Oil by Going Maintenance-Free with an Artificial Lawn

Say Goodbye to Wasting Time, Gas, and Oil by Going Maintenance-Free with an Artificial Lawn

What if we told you there was a method to quit wasting time and money on lawn care? There is excellent news, it is true! Our artificial turf at All Season Turf offers you all the possibilities you want without the burden of managing a loan. Continue reading to learn more about this choice, and then call (866) 365-8873 to get a free quote.

Avoid mowing to save money

Just picture never again having to mow your grass. Imagine not having to weed again. Imagine the money you could save by not having to purchase or repair a mower, pay for petrol, or worry about maintaining the proper oil level in it. The list is endless. Additionally, you can use that time to accomplish something you really love.

Save cash and water

Natural grass is actually quite bad for the ecosystem. It is not indigenous to California and needs a lot of water to look excellent. Contrarily, artificial grass always appears lush and green, even when it hasn’t rained for weeks. Save thousands of gallons of water while achieving the desired green effect.

Avoid weeding to protect your knees

Most varieties of artificial grass can be put over a weed barrier, eliminating the need to mow. As the name suggests, this prevents weeds from encroaching on the grass, saving you the time it would take to pull them out. Be aware that certain pet turf installations come with a unique drainage system that makes it impossible to add a weed barrier. Even so, there won’t be as many weeds as there would be if you kept your natural lawn.

Never again purchase harsh weed killer fertilizer or chemicals

In California, it is likely that a natural grass will require fertilization at least once a year to stay healthy. You could also want weed killers or pesticides. The good news is that you won’t need these or other lawn-care chemicals if you use artificial grass.

Your artificial grass can be maintained in just a few easy steps

After switching to artificial grass, there are only a few maintenance tasks left to complete. To start, you should occasionally rinse it. This removes any dust or grime that may accumulate on it over time and is quick and simple to accomplish. Second, simply take a plastic-bristled brush and spend a few minutes brushing it if you notice that it starts to seem matted in high-traffic areas.

You can maintain the beautiful appearance of your artificial grass with just a few minutes of work. For more information, call All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873.

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