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Mythbusting Top Falsehoods About Artificial Grass: Do You Believe Them?

Mythbusting Top Falsehoods About Artificial Grass: Do You Believe Them?

If you have spent any time learning about artificial grass then it is likely that you have heard a myth or two. At All Season Turf we want homeowners to be able to make the most informed decision. This is why we are providing the truth behind myths we have heard too many times before. If you have additional questions, or want to request a quote, call us at (866) 365-8873.

Myth: Artificial Grass is Not Pet-Friendly

Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, artificial grass is both healthier and safer than grass – for both pets and kids. There are no harmful ingredients in it and it does not require maintenance. You will need to pick up your pet’s solid waste just as you would if it was in a grassy yard. Our products include draining that moves liquid waste away quickly. You can hose down the grass every few weeks to get rid of any odor.

Myth: Artificial Grass is Difficult to Maintain

Once again, not only is this not true but the opposite is true: It is very easy to maintain. It can last for many years and requires only the simplest of maintenance. Instead of all the chores required for a natural lawn, including mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing – the list goes on and on – you simply wash it down when it gets dirty or dusty. That’s it.

Myth: Artificial Grass Doesn’t Look as Good as Natural grass

Not true. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not get yellow patches, brown patches, or divots. It does not need to be mowed which means it is always at the ideal height. It is the same color year-round, without the need for costly watering or fertilizing.

Myth: Artificial Grass is Not Eco-Friendly

False. Just consider the reduction in needed water, it is easy to see that artificial grass is more earth-friendly. Then consider that you do not need to put toxic chemicals to keep it green, as you do with grass. Consider that it is made from recycled products and you can see that it is truly a very eco-friendly option.

Myth: You Can’t Afford Artificial Grass

We would say it’s actually more likely that you can’t afford your grass. With the financing options available for artificial grass, it is easy to get affordable monthly payments. They will likely be less than you would normally spend watering, buying equipment to care for your lawn, and the investment of time you would make.

If you are ready to learn about a new way to beautify your home then we welcome your call to All Season Turf. We are happy to answer your questions, provide a free estimate, and ensure you get the best results with your new fake grass installation.

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