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Must-Read Tips for Creating Your Own Backyard Putting Green

Must-Read Tips for Creating Your Own Backyard Putting GreenAre you thinking about working to improve your golf game by adding your own backyard putting green? There will be a lot to love about this – assuming you do it correctly. Keep reading to learn tips from a professional artificial grass company that has been installing these puts for years.

Use the Right Kind of Artificial Grass

First and foremost, we recommend artificial grass. That said, it is important to use the right type of turf. If you want a putting green, there is unique putting green turf that works great. If you want to use it in a hybrid way, talk to our experts to see what the best way to install it will be.

Clear the Space

Next, get rid of any debris, rocks, or grass so that you can lay down the turf. You will also need to level the ground, or your putting green will not be level. Finally, we recommend that you add a base so that the area is not just level but so that it drains properly during rain or when you are cleaning it. This is a lot – but don’t worry. If you hire All Season Turf, it is all included in our installation.

Make Sure the Putting Green is Installed Correctly

Once we have the space ready, we will cut the turf to the right size and shape. One essential thing that cannot be missed is ensuring that the grass blades go in the same direction so that your putting green will work correctly. Once we have it ready, we will secure the seams and secure the perimeter. We recommend you use an experienced company, or the results are not going to offer you the best putting green experience.

Take Care of Your Putting Green

Once you have your putting green in place and are able to use it, make sure that you take care of it. The good news is that artificial grass has much lower maintenance needs than a natural yard. However, if something falls on the turf, pick it up. You can use a broom to get rid of larger pieces of debris or use a hose and a household cleaner to wash the putting green down occasionally. If you had it properly installed, it should drain correctly and easily.

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