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Learn Some of the Many Ways Artificial Turf is Actually Very Child Friendly

Learn Some of the Many Ways Artificial Turf is Actually Very Child Friendly

Artificial turf is a fantastic option for both residential and commercial properties for a variety of factors. Is it safe for kids? is a common question for parents. Actually, it’s better for kids than grass for a number of reasons in addition to being safe for them. This is especially true in California, where drought is a common problem.

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Due to the durability of artificial turf, kids are able to play outside every day of the year

A good method for youngsters to be active and healthy is to play outside. The bad news is that grass is sometimes too sensitive to handle rough and tumble play. This is particularly true in California, where we experience droughts frequently, further harming the grass. TigerTuf, on the other hand, uses tuft bind technology that has been triple reinforced. As a result, even if your kids run, jump, and play on it every day of the year, the blades won’t come loose from their backing.

It’s really soft

The truth that artificial grass is actually soft shocks a lot of people. In actuality, it feels quite comfy and natural, not scratchy as one may imagine. A unique pad that gives comfort to your yard can also be added by us to your artificial lawn. It is a better landing pad for your kids if they fall because it is softer overall.

It’s tidy

When artificial grass is used, you don’t have to be concerned about the kids’ shoes tracking in dirt. Mud is not a problem for you. There is no need to be concerned about grass stains. In other words, cleanliness is unproblematic.

It is non-toxic

You could be among those who are surprised to find that fake grass is absolutely non-toxic. Indeed, it is made of the same plastic as your bags and bottles are. Both lead and poisons are absent from it. It’s also vital to keep in mind that artificial grass is really safer for kids than conventional grass because it doesn’t require pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers, etc.

It is good for kids with allergies

A child who is allergic to grass or pollen might not be able to play outside without discomfort. Until they have fake grass, that is! It doesn’t attract bugs too, so if you’re worried about your youngster getting stung or bitten by an insect, this is a smart option.

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