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Learn Four Ways Your Company Could Benefit from Installing Artificial Grass on Your Commercial Property

Learn Four Ways Your Company Could Benefit from Installing Artificial Grass on Your Commercial Property

It is common sense that the better a commercial space looks, the more potential customers or clients are going to want to visit. If your company currently has expensive, hard-to-maintain grass, might we suggest considering an upgrade to commercial artificial grass? Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits you might not have considered, and then contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 if you are ready to learn more.

  1. Your Company’s Physical Environment Might Be More Important Than You Think
  2. Just how important do you think your company’s environment is? According to a poll by The Harris Poll, more than 80% of shoppers said that the physical environment of a store was important to them when they shop. You want to ensure that your customers have a beautiful, green landscape to look at when they arrive at your location. Artificial grass makes it easy to achieve that goal – and maintain it.

  3. Artificial Turf Requires Less Maintenance and Lower Costs
  4. A simple way to reduce your company’s overhead is to get rid of the need for landscaping. Instead, install artificial turf and skip all the beautifying – it just stays beautiful every day. You will not have to deal with getting rid of grass clippings. You will not have to worry about mud and dead grass getting everywhere. And you can lower your costs too – it’s a win-win all around.

  5. You can Install It Indoors
  6. Because artificial grass does not require water, you do not have to limit its installation to outdoors. You could install artificial grass inside if you want to build a gym or indoor playground. In fact, your gym could have an indoor artificial turf area that allows your employees to work out, stretch, and take part in other exercises that do not require more expensive equipment.

  7. Our Turf is Both Children- and Pet-Friendly
  8. One of the best things about All Season Turf and the TigerTurf products we use is that they are safe for pets and they are safe for kids. Whether you allow pets in the office and want to install a pet-friendly potty area, or you have a daycare on-premises and want to ensure the kids have outdoor areas in which to play, artificial grass is the best option.

At All Season Turf, we are standing by to help you find the perfect turf options for your needs. You can call us at (866) 365-8873 to get help today.

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