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Is Artificial Turf the Perfect Surface for Schools and Nurseries? Learn Why it Might Be

Is Artificial Turf the Perfect Surface for Schools and Nurseries? Learn Why it Might Be

When you think of the perfect space for artificial grass, where do you think of? You may think of athletic turf or other sports-related areas. However, many don’t realize that artificial grass is actually a great choice for schools and nurseries too. Continue reading to find out the many advantages and then call All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 for a quote or to get more information.

Schools and Nurseries Need Safe, Clean, and Attractive Play Spaces

What is most important to a school when deciding what type of grass or turf to choose? They need to know that it is safe, that it is clean, and that it looks beautiful enough that the children will want to play. Sand or woodchip are common options but they create dust, are difficult to keep clean, and end up with bald spots, weeds, or other debris. On the other hand, artificial turf meets all the required needs.

There is No Dirt with Artificial Grass

One of the main advantages of artificial grass, for schools and nurseries in particular, is the fact that there is no dirt. This also means you do not have to worry about muddy feet or hands. There is no flooding so if it rains, you can go back out and play as soon as the rain stops with no worries about slippery and dirty mud.

Artificial Grass is Not a Bug Magnet

Is there anything more aggravating than trying to enjoy a lovely afternoon outside only to be attached by bugs? Whether you are worried about gnats or bugs in the earth that could potentially bite you or children at your school or nursery, you will be glad to hear that artificial grass does not attract these bugs in the same way natural grass does.

Say Goodbye to Chemicals

The artificial grass turf we use is non-toxic and entirely lead-free. It also does not need any of the chemicals a natural lawn may need, such as pesticides or weed killers. As a result, you can feel confident that your children will not be exposed to these substances while playing.

It is Softer Than You Are Imagining

People often worry that artificial grass won’t be soft enough for their children. This is not actually an issue if it is installed over an extra pad for extra cushioning. You can count on All Season Turf to find the right level of padding for the specific needs of your school or nursery. It is certainly safer and softer than crumbled rubber, sand, woodchips, or other substances often used on playgrounds.

If you are ready to request a free quote and to find out more about artificial grass then we invite you to contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 for assistance.

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