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Is Artificial Grass Safe for Kids to Play On? Learn All the Reasons It’s Extremely Safe

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Kids to Play On? Learn All the Reasons It’s Extremely Safe

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative for both residential and commercial buildings for a variety of reasons. Parents frequently question if it is safe for their children. The reality is that it is not only safe for children, but it is really preferable than grass for numerous reasons.

This is especially true in California, where drought is a common occurrence. Read on to learn five reasons why artificial grass is child-friendly, then call All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 to discuss your choices.

Because artificial turf is durable, they can play outside every day of the year

Playing outside is a fun and healthy method for youngsters to remain in shape. The bad news is that grass is frequently too fragile to withstand vigorous play. This is especially true in California, where we are frequently hit by drought, which wreaks havoc on the grass.

TigerTuf, on the other hand, is created using a three-times strengthened tuft bond technique. This ensures that the blades do not rip away from the backing, even if your children run, jump, and play on it every day of the year.

It’s really gentle

The fact that fake grass is actually soft surprises a lot of people. In fact, it has a really natural, soft, and comfortable feel about it – not scratchy as you might expect. We may also install a unique pad to your artificial lawn to provide extra comfort. Not only will it be softer in general, but it will also provide a better landing cushion for your children if they fall.

It’s spotless

You won’t have to worry about dirt getting tracked in on the kids’ feet if you use fake grass. There’s no need to be concerned about mud. There’s no need to be concerned about grass stains. In short, there’s no need to be concerned about cleanliness.

It’s completely safe to use

You might be surprised to discover this, but fake grass is totally safe to use. It’s constructed out of the same plastic as your bottles and bags. It’s devoid of pollutants as well as lead. It’s also worth noting that, because artificial grass doesn’t require pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers, or other chemicals, it’s really safer for kids than chemical-laden grass.

It’s hypoallergenic

If a kid has a grass or pollen allergy, they may not be able to safely play outside. Unless, of course, they have fake grass! It also doesn’t attract bugs, so it’s an excellent alternative if you’re worried about your youngster getting bitten or stung by insects.

Are you ready to learn more now that you know why artificial grass is even more child-friendly than a traditional lawn? Get a free quotation for your new lawn by calling All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 now.

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