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Installing Artificial Grass on Your Roof Can Yield Surprising Results

Installing Artificial Grass on Your Roof Can Yield Surprising Results

One of the best things about selling artificial grass is seeing our customers use it is in such interesting and unique ways. One example is installing artificial grass on roofs. It is a great choice in that it does not require any soil or lawn maintenance, so it can go anywhere. Keep reading to find out about unique benefits of artificial grass. If you are interested in having it installed at your home, contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873.

Artificial Grass is a Unique Option

First and foremost, artificial grass is a unique addition to a rooftop. It adds a lot of charm and can help make it functional too. You can add some extra green space in a place that normally wouldn’t have one. This is especially lovely in urban areas where there is a lack of green space. You can even have us install a unique shape for your grass to create the effect you want.

Artificial Grass is a Safer Option

If you are considering installing artificial grass so that your roof becomes a usable space, you will find that it is safer than many alternatives, thanks to the fact that it does not get slippery when it gets wet. It also drains moisture almost instantly, so the surface is always barefoot friendly. Note that you will still need to safety rails installed and take care on your roof, but fake grass can be a safer alternative to natural grass.

Artificial Grass Adds Insulation

When you add artificial grass to your roof, you are adding several layers of insulation, depending on how much infill you have installed. At the same time, you are not dealing with the weight and dampness that you would be dealing with if you planted natural grass. The rubber sealant and tar paper used on many roofs can get very hot in the summer – especially in direct sunlight. When you install artificial grass, it prevents the heat from building up. This can keep attic spaces cooler, which means your home will be cooler.

Say Goodbye to Costly Roof Maintenance

If you install artificial grass on a roof that is flat or slightly sloped, it can help lower maintenance costs. Why? Because it is permeable and it drains well. This means there is never standing water as there would be if you had nothing installed there. You’re also protecting the roof from direct sunlight, which can degrade the roof over time.

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