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Grass Types

We can help you select the right type of artificial grass for your specific needs

There are many different types of artificial grass on the market today. To the layperson, this can be quite confusing. Fortunately, the experts here at All Season Turf are here to help. We can explain the advantages of different products and help you find the right turf solution for your specific application.


Putting Greens

Diamond Pro Spring

Imagine a lawn that will look and feel perfect every day of the year, despite the weather conditions and foot traffic! TigerTurf Diamond Pro Spring is the perfect drought-friendly landscape for any commercial and residential landscape property and requires minimal maintenance!

Diamond Pro Spring synthetic turf features a beautiful dual shade of field and lime green grass blades paired with a brown thatch layer. The approximately 75 ounce face weight is tough, durable yet still soft and pliable for children and pets. This is a perfect turf for those high traffic areas as the open ‘W’ shaped grass blade features a strong resilience. Diamond Pro Spring also features triple reinforced backing technology known as ‘tuft bind’ where the grass blades are secured within the backing. This creates an extreme resistance to pull force. In addition to this feature, Diamond Pro Spring turf backing is also perforated so liquids can easily pass through with no added mess to the lawn!

Guaranteed to last, Diamond Pro Spring is a perfect landscape alternative and will help your client’s save time, water and money! The perfect synthetic grass has arrived!

Diamond Pro Spring

Diamond Pro Fescue

Specifically designed for moderate to heavy traffic on commercial and residential landscapes. Yarns are field green mixed with olive green colors.

Imagine a lawn you never have to water, weed or mow! TigerTurf Diamond Pro Fescue artificial grass will always look green and natural without all of the fuss!

Diamond Pro Fescue dual shades of field and olive green tones complimented by a brown thatch. As one of the most durable synthetic turfs in the industry, Diamond Pro Fescue’s approximately 75 ounce face weight makes it perfect for high traffic areas. The grass features an open W-shaped blade which acts as a memory foam to recall its original shape. Through tuft bind technology, Diamond Pro Fescue’s grass blades are triple reinforced into the backing which creates exceptional strength! This turf can handle all types of heavy foot traffic! In addition to an incredibly strong backing, Diamond Pro Fescue turf perforated to allow any liquids pass through for easy drainage! Spray additional residue with a garden hose to clean.

Diamond Pro Fescue will save you precious time, water and money—forget the weeding, watering and landscaping fees! This product is backed by our 15 year warranty and will last as your evergreen landscape even longer!

Diamond Pro Fescue

Everglade Spring

Never fear! The landscape of your dreams is here! TigerTurf Everglade Spring synthetic grass is the perfect drought-friendly solution to your landscape woes. Let go of the lawnmower and forget the fertilizer because with this artificial turf, maintenance is a breeze!

Installed across the nation by certified contractors, Everglade Spring artificial grass is a soft mid-weight turf that is perfect for any backyard, commercial landscape or pet park. Everglade Spring showcases both field and lime green grass blades in addition to a brown thatch layer and also has an extremely strong backing. Armed with the latest tuft bind technology, this turf can handle moderate amounts of foot traffic because each grass blade is triple reinforced into the perforated backing. Not only can four-legged friends and children run and play, but cleanup is simple and easy!

Each grass blade has a protective U.V. inhibitor that is incorporated within the turf’s master batch, so your grass will never fade!

Guaranteed by our 15 year warranty, Everglade Spring is a perfect landscape alternative for any landscape installation!

Everglade Spring

Everglade Spring Light

Never worry about lawn care again with our state-of-the-art synthetic turf! Minimize water and maintenance bills and maximize savings with TigerTurf Everglade Spring Light artificial turf!

Everglade Spring Light is a one of a kind artificial grass that features our exclusive omega fiber in a dual field and lime green color tone paired with a brown thatch layer. The approximately 50 ounce face weight in addition to the approximately 1.50 inch pile height creates a beautiful bright look for any commercial or residential landscape. Equipped with a triple reinforced backing through tuft bind technology, this synthetic turf is extremely durable.The perforated backing also allows for liquids to easily drain, so cleanup is simple and fast!

Each blade contains a protective U.V. inhibitor that is incorporated within the turf’s master batch, so your grass will never fade!

Insured to last for a long time, Everglade Spring Light is the ideal landscape that will brighten up any backdrop!

Everglade Spring Light

Sierra Light

A 1.5 inch pile, polyethylene monofilament with thatch construction. Designed specifically for landscape application to enhance recovery.

Common Uses:
  1. Lawn Replacement
  2. Dog runs
  3. Grass along perimeter of home
  4. Patios, rooftops, balconies
  5. Trade shows
  6. Campgrounds, RV’s
Sierra Light

Pet Turf

10 out of 10 of your furry friends agree! Tiger Pet Turf is the perfect landscape solution for pets across North America! No more muddy paws, insects, brown patches or digging holes!

Tiger Pet Turf features beautiful field and lime green grass blade color tones in addition to a tan/brown thatch layer. This turf is extremely durable and is equipped with our proprietary turf backing where each grass blade is triple reinforced through tuft bind technology. Pet Turf backing is incredibly resistant to pull force, so let your pup play all day! The one-inch pile height is a perfect cushion for your four-legged friends! Pet Turf is non-toxic and safe for animals and children. In addition to its amazing durability, Tiger Pet Turf features “Ultra-Flow”, a 100% permeable backing along with perforated holes to provide drainage up to 920 inches per hour and 400+ gallons per minute/per square yard. Its unique design allows all fluids to easily flow through the entire product.

Pet Turf is equipped with U.V. inhibitors during the manufacturing process, so no matter how long your turf is out in the elements, it will never fade!

Backed by our 15 year warranty, Pet Turf is sure to last you and your furry friends for years to come! You and your pet deserve nothing but the best synthetic grass landscape for pets!

Pet Turf


With Playground turf, kids can have endless fun while the adults have peace of mind!

Playground turf is a premium landscaping alternative for any household or commercial property that anticipates heavy foot traffic. It features dual field green and olive green blade tones paired with brown thatch to create a realistic appearance that emulates natural grass. State-of-the-art 3D curvy “W” fiber grass blades allow the product to be used in areas with moderate to heavy foot traffic and provide greater resiliency and stability than other blade shapes. Each blade is coated with a U.V. inhibitor during the manufacturing process, so the perfectly green grass will never fade, no matter how much sunlight it’s exposed to. It also features a uniquely-formulated polyurethane coated backing that provides greater seam strength and durability than other artificial grass products. With a 1.375-inch pile height and approximately 55-ounce face weight, Playground turf is the perfect product for playgrounds, schoolyards, and other durable landscaping needs.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse guarantees that your Playground artificial grass landscaping will meet your expectations and remain beautiful for years to come. All of our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by the best warranty in the industry.


True Putt

Get the putting look you’ve been waiting for! Spruce up your backyard or golf course and save water, time and money! TigerTurf True Putt is a high quality putting green that features high green speeds that allow your golf ball to react at PGA level.

Backed by an 8 year putting green warranty, True Putt is featured in a beautiful 38 ounce face weight and is ideal for any backyard putting green, public or private courses! The slit film polypropylene grass blades are perfectly designed for your golf ball to roll true. Each grass blade contains U.V. inhibitors that are installed at the manufacturing level, so your putting green will retain it’s beautiful color for years to come–no matter the amount of sunshine! Put this putting green to the test and design the course of your dreams in your own backyard!

True Putt

Sure Putt

With TigerTurf Sure Putt, you can create the putting green of your dreams! This product is designed with the avid golfer in mind by utilizing textured polypropylene yarns to replicate a natural bent grass putting surface.

Sure Putt features a dual field and forest green blades to provide a beautiful and vibrant putting green that will compliment any natural environment. This product has an approximate 45-ounce face weight and an approximate 1/2” pile height, making it perfect for any residential or commercial putting green installation. Sure Putt’s 1/2” pile height provides a more natural appearance, a better ability to control the speed of the green, and a more realistic action when hitting pitch shots or chipping into! This product is heat and frost resistant and 100% customizable. It’s uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing provides greater seam strength and durability. Each grass blade is individually engineered with U.V. stabilizers that are installed during the manufacturing process – ensuring that your putting green will retain its beautiful color.

All of our putting greens are backed by an 8-year putting green warranty which ensures your putting green will last for years to come! TigerTurf Sure Putt is the ideal option for any custom putting green installation for any residential or commercial property!

Sure Putt

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