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Four of the Best Pool Designs for Use with Artificial Grass

Four of the Best Pool Designs for Use with Artificial Grass

Are you thinking about building a pool? If so, you are likely also thinking about what you will install around it. Some people choose pebbles, and others have nothing but concrete. Others choose to have natural grass. However, those who want the easiest, most beautiful and lowest maintenance option choose artificial grass.

If you decide to combine artificial grass and a new pool, consider these fun pool designs that could look great. Remember that if you have questions about the installation of artificial grass, you can contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 for help.

  1. A Lap Pool
  2. While they are all the rage today, in-ground lap pools actually date back to the public baths of Ancient Rome. These pools are generally long and rectangular, with artificial green grass along the edges. We recommend using fake grass for the pool deck around a lap pool. You will love the green shade in contrast with the light blue water. This is also a very natural-looking option.

  3. Free-Form or Lagoon Pool
  4. If you have ever seen a natural rock pool, then you know what a free-form or lagoon pool style is. This is a great choice for people who want a very rustic pool. Often, people chose rocky edges for this style – though they can be slippery when wet. To prevent these issues, you can add artificial grass along the sides of the pool.

  5. A Swimming Pond
  6. When viewed from above, a swimming pond generally looks like a kidney or another type of bean-shaped pond. If you want this to look especially like a real pond, use real stones that can mimic the stones you’d see in a real pond. Then add synthetic grass around it. This is actually the easier option because it can be installed wherever you need it. Natural grass is very difficult to grow right next to a swimming pond.

  7. A Natural Pool
  8. Similar to a swimming pond, a natural pool has a lot of natural foliage around it. However, instead of grass and rocks, think lush gardens and cascading plants. You will need to leave enough space between the pool and the plants so that the plants will not be affected by the chlorinated or salted water. This also keeps the pool from getting muddy footsteps in it. Once again, artificial grass is a great choice because it does not allow muddy footsteps and it does not require chemicals.

If you are ready to learn more about your options in artificial grass for your home, pool, work, or another area, contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 for help.

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