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Do You Want to Plant a Fruit Tree with Your Artificial Lawn? Learn What Steps to Take

Do You Want to Plant a Fruit Tree with Your Artificial Lawn? Learn What Steps to Take

Many people love the idea of artificial lawns but they worry that having one installed will prevent them from having other landscaping that they love. This is not the case, but you might need to take a few extra steps to make sure they can successfully live together. Today we will cover how you can plant fruit trees to work with your artificial lawn. If you have questions, contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 for help.

The Myths About Trees and Artificial Lawns Are Just That: Myths

You might have heard people say that you can’t have trees near your artificial lawn because the roots of the trees will damage the turf. This is completely false. Artificial lawns and trees can coexist perfectly and can be combined anywhere in your yard. In fact, it is easier to place them than it would be if you were planting them in a natural lawn. Why? Because trees create shade and shade can kill natural grass. This is not an issue with artificial lawn.

Not All Fruit Trees Are Created Equal

Some fruit trees are better for our client. For example, there is a reason that you don’t often see peach trees around here. Instead, consider citrus fruits like lime, lemons, and orange. Cherries need colder weather than is generally found around here, but apples, avocados, plums, and pears are all trees that do well around here. Talk to a nursery to see what type of tree will do well not just in our climate but with the amount of sun your yard gets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Tree

Of course you will want to choose a tree that offers a type of fruit you like to eat, but that is not the only thing you will take into consideration. If you are planting a tree in your own yard, you likely want a semi-swarf or dwarf variety because they stay appropriate sizes. You will want to think about how much fruit it will produce because trees that produce too much can cause issues.

If the tree is self-fruitful, then you need at least two trees to produce fruit. You will also consider pruning and who will handle it. If you want a good fruit harvest, and to keep your tree in good health, then pruning is required.

Determining Where to Plant Your Fruit Tree

The main deciding factor will be where the tree can get enough light. You can plant a single one in the middle of your artificial lawn, or you can create a small orchard on one side. You can let the artificial turf go right up to the trunk, or you can leave a well around the trunk to make it easier for you to pick the fruit, rake up any leaves, and water your tree.

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