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Discover the Simple Care Tips for Your Artificial Turf Putting Green

Discover the Simple Care Tips for Your Artificial Turf Putting Green

You are one of the lucky ones: You have an at-home artificial turf putting green. If you want to ensure that you can use it for as many years in the future as possible, consider these simple care tips from All Season Turf. If you have not yet installed your putting green, contact us at (866) 365-8873 to learn just how affordable it can be.

What to Do If It Rains

One of the first questions we get is simple: How do I take care of my artificial grass in the event it rains? The good news is that assuming you work with an experienced company that drains it correctly and uses the right products, the grass will actually drain very quickly – in fact, it will be faster than natural grass. As soon as the rain stops, you can expect your putting green to be dry shortly after. Just take a short break during the downpour and then get back out there once it stops.

Simple Care Tips to Keep Your Putting Green in Great Shape All Year Long

It is easy to keep your putting green in great shape and little maintenance is required. That said, “little” is not the same as “none.” For example, if debris falls on your turf, whether it is leaves, twigs, or garbage, pick it up as soon as possible. If the weather becomes very dry, you may notice that the surface of the artificial grass is dusty. To remove this, just rinse the green down with a hose and it will be non-dusty again.

In the event that high-traffic areas start to show signs of being flattened, just grab a stiff-bristle broom or similar power brush to brush it. You can use a roller if it is important to have a 100% uniform surface. This is very quick and easy and will result in a brand-new looking turf.

Once in awhile, take a walk around your putting green. Do you see any issues like a lifted edge? Has a weed managed to sneak in around the side? Pull the weed. Minor repairs are handled by All Season Turf. The good news is that your turf is made to withstand being used as a putting green so divots, holes, and other issues will not be a problem.

Are You Ready for More Facts About Artificial Grass?

If you are ready to install a putting green at your home, we strongly recommend contacting All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 at your earliest convenience. We are happy to discuss the best options with you, the cost of our installation, and the incredible warranties that cover both our installation and the products we install. Call us today!

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