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Become the Envy of Your Neighbors with These Yard-Boosting Projects

Become the Envy of Your Neighbors with These Yard-Boosting Projects

Imagine if you were none around your neighborhood as the person with the best lawn. This does not just involve beautiful grass in the front or fun in the backyard. It requires the full package – and that is what you can get if you follow these yard-boosting projects. If you have questions about how we can help, contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873.

Add Privacy Landscaping

It might sound counterintuitive to add privacy landscaping if you are trying to show off your lawn, but privacy is one of the most sought-after property features. If your home has large windows, is near a busy street, or does not have a fence, then privacy landscaping can be a great way to create a little mystery while adding greenery at the same time. This could include options like hedges and shrubs.

Plant Native, Low-Maintenance Plants

You want the look of beautiful plants, but you don’t want to deal with the upkeep. You might think you have to compromise on this one, but you don’t. You can have a lovely garden that requires little maintenance – as long as you stick with plants that require little maintenance. You can generally know which ones these are by whether or not they are native. In California, you’ll also need to find drought-resistant plants.

Upgrade Your Lawn

One of the biggest changes you can make is to upgrade your entire lawn with an artificial lawn. After all, how often have you looked at a huge, green lawn and thought, “Wow, I would hate to mow that!” That is what many people think when they see huge, natural lawns. You can avoid that by adding a lush, lovely, perfectly green, and a perfectly manicured lawn that requires almost zero upkeep.

Add a Putting Green

When you work with All Season Turf, we can do more than just make your no-maintenance yard dreams come true – we can add lots of fun additions. For example, how many neighbors would bow with envy if you had your own putting green in the backyard? Once again, you can have this without dealing with constant maintenance and mowing to keep it the perfect height. Instead, let us install it with artificial turf, and it will be ready for you to play any day and any time.

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If you are curious about the many options available to you that can help increase the use and beauty of your yard while simultaneously reduce the upkeep, then we invite you to contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 for a free legal consultation.

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