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Artificial Turf is the Best Option for Your Outdoor Bocce Ball Court

Artificial Turf is the Best Option for Your Outdoor Bocce Ball Court

People of all ages and skill levels can have a great time playing bocce ball. With the increasing popularity of this sport, it can be harder to get access to a court when and where you need it. That is why we suggest you have an artificial turf bocce ball court installed in your own backyard. Are you curious to know more? Keep reading or just call All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 with your questions.

Why is Artificial Turf Best for Bocce Ball Courts?

You want to enjoy your bocce court all year long. You want to avoid the costly maintenance required on a grass field. These and other reasons make artificial grass a great choice. In fact, you are sure to appreciate how little field maintenance is required. If you rinse it regularly and brush it often to prevent matting, that is all you will have to do.

Rain is No Issue with Artificial Grass

If you have a bocce ball tournament planned and the rain starts pouring down, you would be out of commission for at least a few hours. Even if it stopped raining right away, you need to let the grass dry. This is not the case with artificial grass because we install drains that remove the water right away. There is no mud, no slippery grass. As soon as the rain stops, you will be ready to start playing again.

You Don’t Have to Worry about Maintenance

You want to enjoy your game but you don’t want to spend hours every week getting it cleaned up and ready to go. If you have a natural field, you will have to cut the grass, trim any stragglers, remove weeds – the list goes on and on. With artificial grass, it never needs to be cut. Weeds do not grow. It is overall a very low maintenance product to use.

Natural Grass Has a Hard Time Keeping Up with Regular Use

Obviously if you want to install a bocce ball court in your own yard, you plan to use it regularly. If you use natural grass, you will soon see rivets and paths worn in where people spend most of their time. The blades of fake grass will fall at times too, but the difference is this: a simple stuff-bristled brush is all it takes to get the artificial grass standing back up and in perfect shape.

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