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Artificial Grass Can Increase Commercial Property Value in 3 Main Ways

Artificial Grass Can Increase Commercial Property Value in 3 Main Ways

Whether you own a business park or residential apartments, there is no question that tenant turnover is one of the biggest expenses in doing business. The goal is to have the properties occupied 100% of the time but this is not always a possibility. However, if you want to increase the chances of maximum occupancy, there is one tip you have likely never considered: Artificial grass.

Today we are going to cover three reasons that this can be a very wise investment. If you have further questions, or you want to schedule a time for a free quote, please contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873.

  1. It looks great
  2. Put simply, today’s artificial grass options look incredible. There’s no question that looks matter when it comes to renting or selling property, and the look of your lawn makes a difference. If you’re renting to businesses, they want their clients to like what they see when they visit their offices. If you’re renting to residential tenants, then they want a lawn that makes them feel at home. We can help with both.

    In fact, our artificial grass not only looks incredible but it can do everything that natural grass can do. It is a pet-friendly alternative to grass, you can create your own putting green on it, and it’s a great sports surface. When you want to make a stellar first impression but also have fully functional grass, our TigerTurf is a great option.

  3. You can say goodbye to lawn maintenance
  4. How much do you spend every month on lawn maintenance? California has been in a drought for years now, and it can cost a pretty penny to keep a lawn green and beautiful. When you switch to artificial grass, you will have virtually no maintenance. Keeping it clean is as simple as hosing it down every few weeks. For very high-traffic areas, a simple brushing may be necessary to keep the stalks standing up. Other than that, there is no maintenance – which means no additional costs.

  5. Your property will stand out
  6. Though we expect this to change in the coming years, it is not currently common to see a commercial property with artificial grass. This is too bad, because it’s not only affordable but it’s eco-friendly. The good news is that when you make the switch, you will have a clear example of what your property can offer that other properties can’t.

Call today to learn more about this eco-friendly option

If you are ready to get information on how affordable this eco-friendly option can help you improve the value of your commercial property, then we welcome your call to All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873. We offer an installation guarantee and TigerTurf, the brand of artificial grass we recommend and use, offers a full ten-year warranty on their product. There is nothing to lose but high occupancy rates.

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