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Artificial Grass Can End These and Other Potential Dangers to Your Pets

Artificial Grass Can End These and Other Potential Dangers to Your Pets

When you imagine the perfect backyard for your pet, you likely imagine a lovely grass-covered space free from danger. The truth is that you cannot have both because grass can pose several dangers to your pets. The good news is that artificial grass is pet-friendly and a great alternative. Keep reading to learn which hazards it can help you avoid, and then contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 to get more information on installation.

Natural Grass Has Pesticides That Can Be Poisonous to Your Dog

In order to look great, natural grass needs pesticides. Unfortunately, they can leave behind residue and fumes that can be toxic – and this can last for days after it has been applied. Dogs can pick this up when they roll around or play in the natural grass. Symptoms can include nausea, skin rash, eye irritation, vomiting, and even respiratory issues.

When you choose artificial grass, you will not need any pesticides. It looks great on its own, and it does not attract the types of pests that chemicals are used to kill. Why? Because it does not offer food or shelter as natural grass does.

Your Pooch is Protected from Ticks and Fleas

Once again, because an artificial lawn does not provide food or shelter, there are no nasty critters like ticks and fleas living without it. They can cause your pooch to scratch, get scabs, and worse. Some ticks can even transmit Lyme disease. If you have indoor cats or other pets, a flea or tick-infested dog can be a danger to them. The good news is that because artificial grass is short and absorbs water quickly, there is nowhere for ticks and fleas to live.

Grass Seeds Might Be an Irritant for Your Dog

Grass seeds are tiny and sharp – and they are all too common in live lawns. They can attach to the coat of your dog, burrow under their skin, and cause serious irritation. In very serious instances, they can get into your dog’s eye. These seeds can carry bacteria, which means they are also capable of causing infections. Once they get into the body, they can cause internal damage that requires surgery. Obviously, seeds are not an issue with artificial turf.

Stagnant Water Can Cause Health Issues

If your dog drinks stagnant water, they can be exposed to health hazards such as leptospirosis. Puddles are also often the breeding ground of mosquitoes, which is how the deadly heartworm disease is passed to dogs. The drainage system on artificial turf ensures this is not a problem.

If you are ready to better explore the ways in which artificial turf might be the right choice for your home, we invite you to contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 right away.

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