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Artificial Grass Can Eliminate These 3 Problems Pets Can Cause on Lawns

Artificial Grass Can Eliminate These 3 Problems Pets Can Cause on Lawns

One of the top reasons that homeowners say they are not interested in learning more about artificial grass is because they have pets. We understand where this misconception comes from, but the truth is that pet owners have even more to gain with artificial grass – not less. Keep reading to discover three dog-related issues that are eliminated when our pet-friendly fake grass is installed.

  1. Say Goodbye to a Dug Up Yard

  2. If your pooch loves to scratch and dig at your yard, then he is going to be disappointed after you install artificial grass. The fiber used to create the blades of the grass and the mesh backing are both very strong and resilient and they can stand up to even the busiest dog. If you are currently living with holes and dry spots in your yard, you will be happy with the strength of the products from All Season Turf.

  3. Pet Waste Will Be a Worry of the Past

  4. There are a lot of things to love about owning a pet, but dealing with their waste is not one of them. Urine can discolor natural grass. Feces can kill it and leave bare spots. If pet waste is left to accumulate, it can get moldy and stinky. You do have to clean up after your pet if you have artificial turf, but it is much easier – urine drains right through and the grass dries very fast.

    Most options we offer also have an anti-bacterial agent which we recommend for pet owners. It can help to reduce odor and control contamination. While you do still want to rinse away any pet waste, it is good to know that it is nearly impossible to stain artificial grass.

  5. Our Grass Can Withstand a Lot of Doggie Walks and Playtimes

  6. Energetic pets can take a toll on a typical yard. The constant walking, running, and playing can squish the blades. In some cases, simply sitting on the grass can cause this to happen. The worst part is that natural grass takes so long to spring back. This is not the case with artificial grass, which springs back as soon as you brush it with a stiff broom. Let your pooch play as hard as they want – the grass can take it.

Get More Details on Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

If you are interested in hearing more about the ways in which our artificial turf makes a great option for your pet-friendly lawn, then we encourage you to contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873. We are happy to go over options, discuss your needs, and offer a free estimate.

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