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Are You Tired of These Common Pet Problems? Artificial Grass Can Put an End to Them

Are You Tired of These Common Pet Problems? Artificial Grass Can Put an End to Them

One of the most common reasons given by homeowners for not wanting to learn more about artificial grass is because they have pets. We understand where this misperception comes from, but the fact is that artificial grass offers pet owners even more benefits – not less. Continue reading to learn about three dog-related problems that our pet-friendly fake grass solves.

Bid farewell to a dug-up yard

If your dog enjoys scratching and digging in your yard, he will be dissatisfied when you install fake grass. The fiber used to form the grass blades, as well as the mesh backing, are both extremely robust and durable, and can withstand even the most active dog. If you’re currently dealing with holes and dry places in your yard, you’ll appreciate the durability of All Season Turf‘s products.

Waste from pets will be a thing of the past

There are many aspects of having a pet that you will like, but dealing with their excrement is not one of them. Urine has the ability to discolor natural grass. It can be killed by feces, leaving barren areas. If permitted to pile, pet excrement may become moldy and unpleasant. If you have artificial turf, you must clean up after your pet, but it is much easier because urine flows right through and the grass dries quickly.

The majority of the solutions we provide contain an antibacterial ingredient, which we suggest to pet owners. It can aid in the management of contamination and the reduction of odor. While you should still clean away any pet waste, it’s comforting to know that fake grass is practically difficult to stain.

Our grass can handle a lot of doggie playtimes and walks

An average yard may be depleted by energetic pets. The blades can be squished by continual walking, running, and playing. This can happen as a result of merely sitting on the grass. The worst aspect is how long it takes natural grass to recover. Artificial grass, on the other hand, bounces back as soon as you sweep it with a hard broom. Allow your dog to run about and play as hard as they want — the grass can handle it.

Find out more about pet-friendly artificial grass

If you’d like to learn more about how our artificial grass may help you create a pet-friendly lawn, give All Season Turf a call at (866) 365-8873. We’d be pleased to go through your alternatives, talk about your requirements, and provide you with a free quote.

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