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Are You Surprised to Learn That Artificial Turf is a Safe Alternative for Playgrounds? Get the Facts Today

You might be shocked to discover all the reasons that artificial grass makes the finest base for a playground, whether you’re building one in your backyard, at a school, or in the community. After learning some of the reasons it’s a great choice, call All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 to get all of your artificial grass and playground-related inquiries answered.

The Artificial Grass Has Padding

People who disagree with the idea of using artificial grass for playgrounds frequently express their concerns about children being hurt because there is no padding. That is not true. Your fake grass’ level of padding is adjustable, and it can keep kids safe even if they fall from a height of 10 feet. Additionally, it is soft to the touch, preventing stains from grass and scrapes from requirements.

Artificial Grass Has a Controlled Temperature

We can assist if you require artificial grass that features cooling technologies. This wasn’t an option decades ago, and synthetic grass could get extremely warm. Today, it maintains a suitable temperature, allowing for use even in the sunniest of conditions.

The Play Area is Simple to Keep Clean

It may take days before a playground with natural grass covering is clean enough for youngsters to play on without bringing mud inside the house if it rains. Since artificial grass does not get muddy at all, this is not a problem. Additionally, you don’t have to be concerned about your child’s clothing becoming stained by grass, and if the grass ever becomes soiled, you can easily hose it down.

You Can Eliminate Maintenance

Even if you enjoy gardening and working outside, it’s likely that you would prefer to devote your time and effort to a lovely flowerbed or a plentiful vegetable garden rather than a lawn. Really, do you want to keep weeding, fertilizing, and cutting grass? Sand or wood chips are poor options for playground surfaces since they blow away quickly and need to be refilled. Sand and mulch must also be raked in order to prevent compaction. Artificial grass, on the other hand, needs relatively minimal upkeep.

It’s Gorgeous

We are aware that none of the aforementioned matters unless you continue to adore the way it appears. Modern fake grass is lovely, soft to the touch, and offered in almost any color or length you desire. Call All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 right away to find out more about the various possibilities and to view some examples for yourself.

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