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4 Reasons Not to Even Consider Installing Your Own Artificial Turf

4 Reasons Not to Even Consider Installing Your Own Artificial Turf

You may have heard that artificial turf has lots of advantages for both homeowners and business owners. This may have made you consider installing your own artificial lawn. This is a terrible idea and we can tell you why. Once you get the facts on how complicated this process can be, reach out to All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 to find out how affordably the professional can handle it.

  1.  You do not have the materials you need or the right tools
  2. You may think that choosing the materials to install is a simple as buying some artificial turf. This is not true. Not only do you need to determine what type of product is best for the way you will be using the area and what your preferences are, but you also need the right infill product. The right option depends on whether you will be using the space for a putting green, near a swimming pool, on a patio, etc.

    In addition to materials, you need the right tools and you need to know to use them. It can be extremely costly to acquire these tools and the learning curve can be steep.

  3. Special preparation of the ground is necessary
  4. If you want the turf to look as great as it can and to last for years to come, then the ground it is installed on must be carefully prepared. This ensures that the material is going to lay flat on the surface. Irrigation channels also need to be installed so that excess water can run off without leaving puddles in low lying areas. Since one of the top features of artificial grass is the fact that it moisture drains quickly and easily, this is an essential step.

  5. It’s unlikely you know how to correctly stretch and lay the turf
  6. The turf must be stretched perfectly and it must be laid in the right way. The goal is to make sure it is intact and firmly attached to the ground – but this is not as easy as it may sound. Even the smallest mistake can damage the material and could lead to wrinkling and curling of the turf.

  7. You may end up with no warranty
  8. At All Season Turf, we are proud to use TigerTurf and we appreciate that they offer our customers an impressively long warranty. However, if it is not professionally installed, then that warranty may be void. After all, a warranty only covers defects to the product itself. If a layperson installs it, how can the company in question be sure that the problem is related to the product and not the installation process?

If you are considering artificial turf then we hope you will consider investing in both the best quality products and the best installation. All Season Turf is here to help you. Contact us at (866) 365-8873 now to get started.

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