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3 Ways You Could Potentially Damage Artificial Turf and the Simple Ways to Avoid Them

3 Ways You Could Potentially Damage Artificial Turf and the Simple Ways to Avoid Them

There are many reasons that artificial turf makes a great investment for homeowners and commercial property owners alike, including how durable it is. However, it is not indestructible. The bad news is that there are ways you can damage your turf. The good news is that it is simple to avoid them. Keep reading to learn more and then contact All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 if you are ready for your free quote.

  1. It Could Be Exposed to Extreme Heat
  2. Depending on the specific type of artificial grass you have, it is made from one or more types of plastic polymers. The good news is that they will not catch fire and flame up if exposed to extreme heat but the bad news is that they can melt. Note that we are not discussing a hot day – we are talking about live coals from an outdoor grill, or a lit cigarette burning through.

    The way to prevent this is easy – keep fire away from your artificial grass. If you do see that it has been damaged, contact All Season Turf for repairs. We can simply replace the one area that has been burned and the damage is almost certainly going to be confined to a very small area.

  3. You Can Spill On It
  4. Another advantage to installing artificial grass is the fact that it is so easy to clean. That said, if you spill certain substances on it, you could dissolve the grass blades. This would include many products with a petroleum base such as oil pants. The good news is that if you catch the spill before it dries, you can simply rinse it away with your garden house. You can also avoid spilling on the artificial lawn by putting down a drop cloth when painting anywhere near it.

    Note as well that the polyethylene fibers used in artificial grass do absorb certain types of oil, which can lead to permanent discoloration. Even when you use a strong soap, you may not be able to get rid of all the oil residue. Remember as well that some oils are flammable, so you still want to clean it up as well as you can even if the stain doesn’t disappear.

  5. It Can Be Pierced with a Sharp Object
  6. There are a number of sharp objects that can potentially puncture your artificial grass. From kitchen knives to sharp garden tools, anything that cuts through the material could cause the need for repair. We recommend keeping knives and garden tools away from your fake grass. If you are gardening in areas near the lawn, use a drop cloth to prevent damage.

If you have artificial grass and need repairs, or you have not yet gotten it installed and want a quote, contact All Season Turf for help right away.

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