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Yet Another Advantage of Artificial Grass: It Can Be Installed on Many Different Surfaces

Yet Another Advantage of Artificial Grass: It Can Be Installed on Many Different Surfaces

Although we love artificial grass and have seen it successfully installed everywhere from balconies to sports fields, we frequently discover that people are unaware of how adaptable this choice is and how many locations it can be installed. Read on to discover more. Call All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 if you’re ready for a free estimate.

It can be installed on the ground

The majority of people are aware that artificial grass may be inserted into soil, and this is actually the most typical application for synthetic soil. It is used for a lot of things, including playgrounds, sports fields, and lawns. However, keep in mind that it can be put even if the ground is not perfectly level. With a multi-layer installation method, our qualified crew can offer you the results you want without any hassle. In fact, artificial grass can completely stop or significantly minimize erosion on uneven terrain.

Hardscapes can be covered with artificial grass

You can cover your deck with fake grass, yes. In fact, artificial grass may be added to any wooden surface that you are tired of maintaining, like picnic benches and tabletops. To make it easier to eliminate moisture that drains through the grass, you must first ensure that the wood has been sealed correctly.

Even pavers, bricks, and other hard surfaces can be covered with artificial grass. However, these are frequently uneven surfaces, therefore we advise that you first lay down some thin cushioning beneath the artificial grass. This evens out the surface to prevent the grass from wearing unevenly and needing to be replaced sooner than necessary. Additionally, you might leave many of the bricks and pavers while adding fake grass in between specific spots.

If you believe these are robust choices, think about how tough concrete is. Even though it fractures, fragments, and is generally unsightly, it is frequently employed in these places. You can depend on the grass you choose from All Season Turf to be more attractive, softer, less likely to crack, and most definitely not break into chunks.

Artificial grass can be put down on surfaces that are elevated

Keep in mind that artificial grass can be used in situations where real grass cannot because it does not require soil or water. Do you have a balcony on the 20th floor? Include artificial grass to add color, a wonderful texture, or a spot for your pet to relieve himself.

Artificial grass can be used almost everywhere, as the details above show. We hope you are thinking about calling All Season Turf at (866) 365-8873 if you are thinking about switching to artificial grass. We are prepared to assist you right now.

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