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When it comes to the performance of your artificial turf, the type of artificial grass is just one component. You also need to consider the type of infill that will be used.

Let Us Find the Right Infill for Your Application

Infill is a layer of material that sits down in between the fibers in the artificial grass to help hold the turf in place and help the individual blades stay separate and upright. At All Season Turf, we offer the three of the most common types of infill:

  • Durafill: Durafill represents the cutting edge of infill technology. It consists of a green acrylic-coated sand. The coating helps the infill blend in with the blades of grass, while also rounding out the edges of the sand to prevent abrasion damage to the turf. Because Durafill is anti-microbial, bacteria cannot grow in it and your turf will stay sanitary and odor-free. And because it does not soak up as much heat as regular sand, Durafill transfers less solar heat to your lawn to keep it cooler. Durafill is long-lasting and will not need to be re-applied during the life of the artificial turf.
  • Sand: The sand used for infill typically has a quartz base and comes in large and small granule sizes. Sand is a viable option for all kinds of applications from pet turf to putting greens.
  • Crumb Rubber: When additional cushioning is needed, crumb rubber may be used as infill. Rubber infill is typically made from recycled tires and is often used on playgrounds, sports fields, and high traffic areas. Unfortunately, crumb rubber can foster bacteria growth.

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