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Grass Types

We can help you select the right type of artificial grass for your specific needs

There are many different types of artificial grass on the market today. To the layperson, this can be quite confusing. Fortunately, the experts here at All Season Turf are here to help. We can explain the advantages of different products and help you find the right turf solution for your specific application.

Factors to Consider

  • Color: Artificial grass comes in a variety of shades of green. It’s important to match your grass color to the tones in your landscape.
  • Thatch: Almost all types of artificial grass (with the notable exception of putting green grass) come with brown thatch mixed in at the bottom of the blades. The brown color helps break up the green of the grass and contributes to the natural look of the product.
  • Denier: The denier or density of fibers in a given type of artificial turf can not only affect its appearance, but also its performance.
  • Pile Height: The pile height is basically the depth of the artificial grass. We have options from 0.5 inches for putting greens to nearly 2 inches for landscape turf.
  • Blade Shape: Depending on the shape of the blade, the artificial grass may be softer, sturdier, more resilient, or more durable.
  • Application: It is very important to consider how you want to use your artificial turf, since different products are designed for moderate or heavy traffic.

All Season Turf Gives You Options

At All Season Turf, we are proud to carry an excellent selection of American-made artificial grass products from TigerTurf. TigerTurf is known for combining thin, elegant fibers with built-in UV protection, a rigorous tuft binding process, and the strongest backing in the industry to create products that are both beautiful and durable.

To learn more about the types of TigerTurf grass we carry and find the product that is right for your needs, please contact us at 866-365-TURF.

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